Financing investment property

With an investment mortgage, also known as ‘buy to let’ financing; ‘rental mortgage; ‘real estate financing’ or a similar term (which in fact always means the same thing), you can finance real estate with (basically) the objective of renting out. It is also possible that your objective is to redevelop a property in order to add value, with the option to sell (or rent out) at a profit afterwards. Homes, apartments, combination buildings, shops, office buildings, catering buildings. Funding is basically possible for everything. We think along and help in matching and providing the ideal financing.


Why choose real estate financing?

‘Creating passive income’, ‘financial freedom’, ‘financially independent’: terms that are used more and more these days. By financing you can create a return with borrowed money. You can use the own money that you have left for further building/expanding your real estate portfolio. In the ideal scenario, tenants will more than cover your financing costs and you will also have a nice extra cash flow left in the month. In addition, real estate is generally worth more over the longer term, while you pay off the mortgage and through monetary devaluation (inflation) the outstanding financing itself becomes worth less and less. In other words, wealth building.

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How do you qualify for an investment mortgage?

You can basically borrow a percentage (60% to 85% depending on, among other things, the collateral type) compared to the value in rented condition. Now there are various ways and options for making a real estate deal possible, even if you do not immediately have sufficient resources and/or knowledge. We are in contact with experienced real estate professionals, who can provide guidance and insights in this.



My Investment Property works together with various parties/lenders, appraisers and real estate professionals. Below is a selection from the selection of partners with whom we often work, so you can contact us for almost any issue.

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Are you interested in real estate but don’t know how? We refer with confidence to one of the enthusiastic real estate coaches of our partner WeManifest Real Estate. Knowing more? Contact us!

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