Financing your investment property or portfolio?

My Investment Property BV is happy to be your partner! We ensure optimal financing for your real estate. For more information and/or financing your property/real estate portfolio you own and/or to purchase, leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

At home in real estate and financing

We understand better than anyone that more and more people are interested in using real estate for the purpose of realizing an extra / passive income. This is often based on different personal wishes and objectives. We are therefore happy to think along with your personal situation, in order to provide a suitable financing solution for both your next step and your future steps.

In addition to our extensive financing knowledge, we also all have experience in various types of real estate investments.

Our focus is on ‘buy to let’, i.e. financing for the purpose of rental, aimed at the ‘professional’ real estate investor. You are also regarded as a natural person (in box 3) if it can be assumed that you can no longer be regarded as a consumer due to knowledge, experience and expertise. In addition to ‘buy to let’, we also offer solutions for project-based financing and commercial property financing.

In recent years, many parties have joined the world of real estate financing. In addition to the banks, many strong players have entered the market as a result. This development also clearly shows an improvement/further development in the propositions. For example, sustainability is rewarded by some parties and we see that increasingly higher percentages are possible without interest (with the aim of a higher cash flow). The foregoing, in combination with the sharper interest rates, means that we can compare and provide an interesting and well-fitting solution for almost every wish.

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My Investment Property consists of a team of financial advisors / planners with a passion for real estate.

Our team consists of Niven van Samson, Maarten ten Hove and Ellen van Schie.

Niven has been in the financial services industry since 2007. With his extensive knowledge and experience (gained at ABN AMRO bank, Rabobank, De Hypotheker and Finzie, among others), Niven is a financial planner and specialist in real estate, good for almost any financing challenge.

With more than six years of Rabobank experience and more than a year from Finzie as a financial advisor, Maarten uses his extensive knowledge and experience to independently serve his existing and new customers in their real estate steps.

Ellen oversees the processes at the office and supports the advisers in the administrative work. Because she can oversee everything and switches quickly (partly from her background in facilities and experience at Rabobank), Ellen ensures that the business can run smoothly and the advisors can focus on the core.

Receive an offer

Sell your investment property?

Do you have a house/apartment that you want to get rid of quickly and without hassle? Through our extensive network we can make an interesting offer 9/10 times with good conditions.

This is what we stand for

We are available for:

Financing new real estate to be purchased

Refinancing owned properties/portfolios

Withdrawal of funds from existing properties aimed at expanding the real estate portfolio

In any case, we like to think along with your real estate wishes and objectives. So don’t hesitate to submit your case to us!



We work together with all relevant real estate financiers.
We also have a strong network with appraisers, real estate supervisors, architects, contractors, etc.

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